Indiaforensic leads the forensic accounting certification market with 7 certification programs in digital banking, forensic accounting, investigations and money laundering. The certified members are working in 500+ MNC brands in 11 different countries. Click here to see the snapshot of the performance of Indiaforensic Certifications.


Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert is the benchmark program offered by the Indiaforensic Center of Studies. This course is updated frequently and the complete information on the certification which is popularly known as CAME, is available  here

Money Laundering techniques are continuously changing and virtual currencies also play a significant role in facilitating money laundering. Indiaforensic Research on Laundering with Digital Currencies explain the new techniques. 


This is a global program on frauds in stock markets across the world. This is a classic course which explains classification of the cons and tricks related to stock markets and provides modus operandi of numerous cases. Information about the Certified Stock Market Frauds Professionals is available here


Con-vey is a series of surveys on Cons in India. Con-vey is a privately funded research activity. Bank Frauds Survey-2007 was the first study ever carried out to find out the impact of cons on Indian Banking Industry. This survey is first in the series. You can also read about the status of forensic accounting in India - which depicts the clear picture of the forensic accounting community in India >>

With Effect from 1st October'2008, Indiaforensic has launched the University Program for those Universities in the Asian Countries who wish to include forensic accounting in their curriculum. The course will be provided absolutely free* to the members of Indiaforensic. Know more

Indiaforensic Student Program is launched on 1st January'2009.Those who are interested in the forensic accounting activities can be a part of Indiaforensic student chapters. Know More

Corporate training programs are conducted for the organisations that wish to provide certification and trainings to 10 or more employees. We provide the customised training programs on the subject of forensic accounting, banking scams as well as computer forensic.

Certified Forensic Accounting Professional Get the Indian Forensic Accountants Manual with this invite only program. Check out for waiver of examination also termed as the Grandfathering option for experienced professionals.>>

What is Forensic Accounting ? Forensic Accounting is the combination of the Accounting, Auditing and Investigation skills >>

Forensic Accounting Education

We offer educational programs through Indiaforensic - pioneering organisation in forensic accounting education. Indiaforensic is engaged in the activities of research and education related to forensic accounting and fraud investigation. Syllabus offered by Indiaforensic Center of Studies in now approved by the Solapur University and the University Certifications are available through our partners - Fraudexpress. Totally there are five certifications offered by Indiaforensic


Banking Frauds in India

The course on Bank forensic accounting is solely dedicated for the banks in India. This course is also recommended by the Maharashtra Co-operative department to the co-operative banks in Maharashtra. This is the first course in India to focus on Fraud Prevention, detection and Investigations in the banking sector. Get the professional knowledge on the frauds in the Indian companies and also join the team of the elite professionals who are helping the companies to combat the frauds in the corporate sector. Read more.

Indiaforensic has launched the Technology banking fraud specialisation for the professionals in technology banking. Read More.

Insurance Frauds in India

With the aim of providing the best education on forensic accounting and investigation techniques, Indiaforensic commenced the certification program on Insurance Frauds in the year 2012. This course is based on the Research on the Insurance sector in India, which claimed that Indian insurance companies could be losing $6.25 Billion to frauds. Find more information about the course.

Information Technology Frauds in India

With the growth of BPO/KPO, India witnessed boom of the technology sector. Indian IT sector has witnessed variety of  scams from complex Financial statements frauds to simple data theft. This course consolidates the concepts and cases related to IT sector frauds in India. Get more information about this program. Certification through waiver is also possible on completion of certain criterion. Read more


Nationwide search for the excellence in combating the scams, tricks and cons. Kindly submit us your nomination for this nation-wide contest. Submit the cases where you have investigated, detected or prevented the major schemes. We donot require the names of the organisations we need methodologies to combat the fraud schemes. Read more

E-Cop Awards

In the 3rd Annual Antifraud conference hosted by Indiaforensic, DIG VV Lakshminarayana mentioned the importance of the partnering with private sector forensic accountants. Indiaforensic decided to felicitate the economic cops who have contributed exceptionally in the forensic accounting domain.

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Bank Frauds Statistics in India
Year Loss in Rs.Crores Fraud Cases
2002 399.53 Cr. 1744
2003 653.5 Cr 2207
2004 600.16 Cr. 2663

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