Indiaforensic organize series of conferences, seminars, workshops, awareness programs on fraud management, risk management and forensic accounting. These conferences are the best way to network with the professionals working in the anti-fraud area. Check out here for the upcoming events on the forensic accounting and fraud management. 

 Employee Frauds conference in Pune

Indiaforensic provides consultancy in various subjects like fraud investigations, integrity testing and due diligence please click here to know more

Con-vey is a series of surveys on Cons in India. Con-vey is a privately funded research activity. Bank Frauds Survey-2007 was the first study ever carried out to  find out the impact of frauds on Indian Banking Industry. This survey is first in the series. You can also read about the status of forensic accounting in India - which depicts the clear picture of the forensic accounting community in India  >>



With Effect from 1st October'2008, Indiaforensic has launched the University Program for those Universities in the Asian Countries who wish to include forensic accounting in their curriculum. The course will be provided absolutely free* to the members of Indiaforensic. Know more

Indiaforensic Student Program is launched on 1st January'2009.Those who are interested in the forensic accounting activities can be a part of Indiaforensic student chapters. Know More




Indian accounting bewilders investors Read more[23.01.2009]: UPI Asia

FII's Wary of India Inc Numbers Read more  [13.01.2009]: Business Standard

Labour Pain - Trade Unionism finding taker Read more  [01.02.2009]: The Week



We offer educational programs through Indiaforensic - pioneering organisation in forensic accounting education. Indiaforensic is engaged in the activities of research and education related to forensic accounting and fraud investigation. Indiaforensic Certifications are now accredited by the Institute of Certified Forensic Accountants (Canada). Totally there are five certifications offerred by Indiaforensic

Certified Bank forensic Accounting

Certified Anti-Money Laundering Expert

Certified Forensic Accounting Professional

Certified Forensic Accounting (Canada)

The course on Bank forensic accounting is solely dedicated for the banks in India. This is the first course in India to focus on Fraud Prevention, detection and Investigations in the banking sector. Get the professional knowledge on the frauds in the Indian companies and also join the team of the elite professionals who are helping the companies to combat the frauds in the corporate sector. Certification through waiver is also possible on completion of certain criterion. Read more

Check out for the sample tests on forensic accounting. 

Try a mock test on anti-money laundering right now



Books on Frauds Occupational Fraud is the fraud committed by virtue of the occupation in the employer organization. This is very critical issue from ancient times. Even Kautilya mentioned these schemes in his classic treatise called "Kautiliya Arthashastra" Read More >>


What is Forensic Accounting ? Forensic Accounting is the combination of the Accounting, Auditing and Investigation skills >>>
Indianveshan 2007-08 Winner: CA Chandrashekhar Gokhale, MD of a leading banking fraud investigation company, Astute Corporate Services  wins the anti-fraud Oscar in India for his contribution towards anti-fraud activities in banking sector.
CBFA News Ganesham Naidu from Citi Bank topped the list of the Certified Members scoring 93% in 2007-08 in the Certified Bank Forensic Accounting Course offered by Indiaforensic More Results >>
Cyber Frauds Exclusive classification of the Internet related frauds in India >>>
Articles on Frauds: Read articles and White papers on frauds and related issues >> Certified Forensic Accounting Professional: Get the Indian Forensic Accountants Manual with this invite only program. Check out for waiver of examination. >> BPO Frauds in India : Read more about the data theft and the BPO frauds in India

Stock Market Frauds: Read more about frauds in stock markets >>

Bank Frauds Statistics in India

Year Loss in Rs.Crores Fraud Cases
2002 399.53 Cr. 1744
2003 653.5 Cr 2207
2004 600.16 Cr. 2663
Indianveshan : Nationwide search for the excellence in combating the frauds. Kindly submit us your nomination for this nation-wide contest. Submit the cases where you have investigated, detected or prevented the major frauds. We donot require the names of the organisations we need methodologies to combat the frauds. >>> Join the Forensic Accountants Network: India's biggest community on forensic accounting. 425+. There are two types of memberships - Join as the certified member or join us as the consultant. Join Our Network >>

Register Your resume: If you are looking for the attractive career in forensic accounting, fraud prevention, detection and investigation or the risk management then please register your resume with us and make your profile visible to thousands of recruiters worldwide. >>>
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