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  IT sector forensic accounting

It was a popular belief that data theft poses the biggest challenge before the IT industry. Satyam proved every one wrong. Password compromise was just a small aspect of the whole accounting fraud perpetraed over 7 years. Satyam was one of the biggest accounting scams in the world. Simply by adding fake revenues, the company managed its growth for 7 years. When the fraud was exposed the reputation of this world leading IT company was completely tarnished. Post Satyam there was huge surge in the demand for the forensic accountants to combat the accounting frauds. To meet this demand Indiaforensic decided to launch the program on forensic accounting focussed on the IT industry.

Satyam Scam was the big jolt for the IT industry. This scam made the world understand how easily technology can be applied to commit the accounting fraud. Certified Forensic Accounting professional program specialising in IT is one of the foremost efforts to combat the frauds in the Information Technology Sector. This program is unique because it discuss the modus-operandi of the Satyam fraud. It speaks about the past events in the IT sector in India.  

Scam in Satyam have led to a growing awareness of the need for accounting and finance professionals to acquire skills to identify and act upon indicators of poor corporate governance, mismanagement, fraud and other unethical behavior.
accounting and finance education focused on transactions and how they were recorded and interpreted. It is now necessary to identify the underlying characteristics of these transactions, including potentially unethical or fraudulent behavior.

The Certification in Forensic Accounting for IT industry builds on the skills acquired in the Graduate Certificate by introducing a global/international focus and specialized areas including Accounting frauds, Technology tools, international frauds in IT domain, money laundering and eCommerce.

On completion of the course students will gain the forensic skills to:

  • Identify indicators of fraudulent activities

  • Undertake forensic analysis and assessment of risk factors

  • Predict/anticipate fraud

Analytical skills will involve:

  • Investigative methods

  • Analysis of financial information

  • Systems methodology for investigation

  • Statistical techniques


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