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Syllabus for CFAP[IT]

Certification in Forensic Accounting in IT industry emphasize a forensic rather than a control-based or risk management approach to the analysis of governance and the possibility of fraud.

Participants will be given a broad-based introduction to the nature and purpose of forensic accounting. The scope and content of all subjects extend well beyond narrow focus of fraud prevention and provide an opportunity to study and acquire skills in investigative techniques and the collection of data as well as the skills necessary to not only identify poor management but also unethical and fraudulent activities.

Whole syllabus of Certification program is divided in ten topics. This is probably the first certification in the IT sector frauds in India and covers following chapters primarily.

  • Frauds in real estate leasing agreements

  • Occupational Frauds

  • Money Laundering in IT companies

  • Frauds in Financial Statements

  • Early warning signals of IT co frauds

  • Satyam Case study on accounting fraud

  • Theories applicable to the Frauds in IT sector

  • Data and IP theft

  • HR and Payroll frauds

  • Fighting frauds in strategic manner

The above syllabus is updated frequently based on the new trends and developments in IT industry and the technology related frauds. The specially designed 300 + pages IT frauds manual is provided to the participants who register for the Certification in the forensic accounting along with the forensic accounting manual.




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