Overview of CFAP


Certified Forensic Accounting Professional is the premier certification in India in the antifraud domain. Certified Forensic Accounting Professional (CFAP) is a person who has successfully completed the examination conducted by Indiaforensic Center of Studies to become an expert in the field of forensic accounting, forensic auditing, litigation support and investigative accounting.

Certified Forensic Accounting Professional (CFAP)is a designation awarded by Indiaforensic Center of Studies and moderated by the Forensic Accounting Research Foundation. The Forensic Accounting Research Foundation is a member-based Indian organisation dedicated to providing forensic accounting and forensic auditing education and training with presence in more than 7 countries including Nigeria, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Uganda and others. Certified Forensic Accounting Professional is the program designed to equip the accounting students and the professionals for the battle against the frauds. Participants will be given a broad-based introduction to the nature and purpose of forensic accounting. The scope and content of all subjects extend well beyond ‘narrow’ focus of fraud prevention and provide an opportunity to study and acquire skills in investigative techniques and the collection of data as well as the skills necessary to not only identify poor management but also unethical and fraudulent activities.

Indian Forensic Accounting Manual which classifies the Indian Frauds in various companies in India is the key learning aspect of this program. In addition the students also get to learn various schemes based on the theme that frauds are committed either “for the company” or “against the company”. Financial statement frauds are the classic example of the frauds comitted for the business and the occupational frauds is the classic example of the frauds against the business. This certification covers both these aspects of the frauds. Additionally, the study material designed for the course also discuss the methods for prevention, detection and investigation of the frauds

Certified Forensic Accounting Professional degree is a certification offered by Indiaforensic Center of Studies to those professionals who have scored atleast 75% in the examinations conducted by Indiaforensic Center of Studies. All the professionals completing the examination after 31.12.2012 are governed by the CPE norms. Every CFAP needs to undergo the training of 20 hours to maintain the professional certification.

Riskpro Management Consulting P. Ltd, which owns the brand Indiaforensic, is the first company in India to fulfil the norms laid down by the American National Association of State Boards of Accounting.Being the member of CPE sponsored organisation, all those professionals who complete the certification in forensic accounting by completing the examination need to undergo the Indiaforensic approved training programs on forensic accounting and fraud investigation.

To Summarise, professional can be termed as Certified Forensic Accounting Professional:

  • When he successfully completes the examination
  • Abides by the by-laws and code of conduct of Indiaforensic Center of Studies
  • Completes 20 CPE hours every year
  • Be of a high moral character