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Indiaforensic and ICFA (Canada) mutually recognise the each others course.All CFAP members are eligible to get their degrees converted to Cr.FA by passing one paper.

Indian Forensic Accounting Manual

Indian Forensic Accounting Manual is the most exhaustive resource on forensic accounting. It is developed with global standards and is a well researched resource which every anti-fraud professional should have in their library. 

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Certified Forensic Accountant (CrFA)

The Institute of Certified Forensic Accountants (ICFA) based out of Canada promotes this certification. In order to serve the Indian Community Indiaforensic has joined hands with the ICFA. The Institute of Forensic Accountants offer the CrFA designation which is recognized globally. The course seeks to accept suitably qualified applicants who are deemed to be able to engage in postgraduate level study and can reasonably be expected to successfully complete the course of study.

About the course
The importance of Forensic Accounting continues to grow. The challenge of fraud and fraud prevention is recognised by all organisations. Globalisation, electronic commerce and the Internet have extended fraud opportunities, resulting in the direct transfer of most ‘traditional’ methods of fraud, and the development of innovative technology enhanced methods (cybercrime).




Examinations and Coursework - Passmark 75%

Course Outline
The following six modules need to be completed for the designation to be awarded.

  1. Forensic Accounting Principles
  2. Dissecting Financial Statements
  3. Investigative Accounting & Fraud Examination
  4. Litigation Support
  5. Management and Organizational Behaviour
  6. Corporate Governance

Individually you need to clear all the sections of the Consolidated Examination conducted.


  • International recognition
  • Migration Points for potential migrants to Canada
  • Customised syllabus for Indian requirements

Current Members

With the mutual recognition between the ICFA and Indiaforensic - all the certified members of Indiaforensic are granted credits in the four papers of the Cr.FA. Forensic Accounting and Investigative accounting are however the compulsory subjects.

Waiver of Examination

Indiaforensic donot reserve any right to grant the waiver of the examination. All the rights of waiver lie with the ICFA (Canada).

In order to get the waiver kindly fill up the application form for obtaining the waiver and send it to the office of Indiaforensic for the further processing along with the research paper on any anti-fraud or forensic accounting topic. Please make sure to send the Demand Draft drawn in favour of Indiaforensic along with the duly completed form.

One of the biggest advantages of having this certifications is that the members not only get to learn about forensic accounting but also get the migration points in case they are willing to migrate to Canada. This credential is a global recognition.


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