Indiaforensic Center of Examinations

Now you can get certified by completing the examinations offered by the Indiaforensic Center of Exams. Here is the list of the examinations conducted by the Indiaforensic center of examinations.This helps the participants to test their knowledge on various topics related to frauds.
Currently we offer examinations for five different modules which include our flagship certifications like CFAP and CBFA.
Please ensure that you have received the examination code before proceeding for taking up the exams.

  • Certified Forensic Accounting Professional - Uniform Examination

  • Certified Insurance Fraud Expert - Uniform Examination

  • Certified Bank Forensic Accountant - Uniform Examination
  • Certified Antimoney Laundering Expert- Uniform Examinations

  • Certified BASEL III Professional- Uniform Examinations

  • Certified Credit Card Fraud Expert - Uniform Examination

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