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Forensic Accounting in India Report - 2007


Forensic Accounting in India


Forensic Accounting became the hot cake in USA after the mishap of 9/11. Fraud examiners were recognized by FBI to help them in combating the frauds.
Then the need of the forensic accountants was confirmed by some big-ticket bankruptcies in Corporate America. Past few years were marked with the fast developments in India as well, however the awareness level about these activities in and out of India is very low and that is the primary reason of Forensic Accounting Report - 2007.

This is the report that gives brief of the developments in forensic accounting in India.
In this report you will come to know about the various resources that are available in India.

The report is meant for the sole purpose of the information about the developments in this interesting area of forensic accounting. The information in this report can be used for the purpose other than commercial purpose


Forensic accounting is a specialty practice area of accounting that describes engagements resulting from the current, past or future disputes or litigations. There are two basic practice areas under the forensic accounting - Investigative accounting which also covers fraud investigation and the litigation support which requires skills from valuation to technology assessment. When Maurice Paulobet coined this term he had three skill sets in his mind - Accounting, Auditing and Investigation Techniques.

But in spite of being such a speciality area the awareness level about the forensic accounting is very low. These specialists are paid anywhere between $600- $1000 per hour in USA in the Post SOX arena.

Important Note: University of Wollongong has launched world's first Masters program in Forensic Accounting Program. Interested candidates may write us at education@indiaforensic.com


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  We have taken all the necessary efforts to make this report error free however if you think the Report on Forensic Accounting can be improved or if we have ignored your contribution in Fraud Examination in India, please feel free to write us at info@indiaforensic.com  
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