Best Fraud Examiner in India
In your opinion who is the most popular Fraud Examiner in India ?

Mr. Anil Roy
Mr. Gaurav Gupta
Mr. Gaurav Ajmani
Mr. Chetan Dalal
Mr. Deepankar Sanwalka
Mr. G. Kali Prasad
Mr.Mayur Joshi
Mr. Sharad Kumar Saxena
Mr.Sumit Makhija
Mr.Vishnu Kanhere
Shailesh Haribhakti
Mrs. Anuradha Tuli
Capt. Raghu Raman

CFAP Program

Certified Forensic Accounting program is a recognition for your valuable experience. If you have experience of more than 5 years in the field of fraud examination and forensic accounting then you just need to fill up the declaration and you will be the part of Indiaforensic Network.

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Forensic Accounting Contest 

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Indiaforensic Research Foundation is the pioneering organization in the field of forensic accounting and fraud investigation in India. 

Indiaforensic is engaged in carrying out many activities related to research and education pertaining to frauds in India. As a part of its nation wide campaign to promote fraud examination and forensic accounting as the career in India,Indiaforensic has launched the search for the excellence in the field of forensic accounting and fraud examination captioned as "Indianveshan"

 Indianveshan is a combination of two words India and Anveshan ( Anveshan is a Hindi word for investigation). Indianveshan aims to find out the talent in the field of frauds in India.

 Launched in 2006, Indianveshan is a unique nation wide proactive search by India Forensic Research Foundation for hi-tech and high impact prevention, detection and investigation of the fraud cases in public, private, Banking, Manufacturing and other sectors. This search will help us to transform your innovative ideas to investigate, detect or prevent the frauds into an input for the decision makers. Selected cases on the fraud prevention, detection and Investigation receive media publicity through our resource portal Through this search process, Indiaforensic Research Foundation endeavors to resuscitate the spirit of investigation amongst students, anti-fraud community and all those who are exploring new ideas to prevent, detect and investigate the frauds defying the onslaught of fierce global threat from the perpetrators of the frauds and rapidly changing business environment. Click here to download the Contest brochure.

If you are not an Indian and you have investigated a Case which has its roots in India, you are welcome to participate in the contest. Any connection of your case with India makes you eligible to participate in this unique contest on frauds.


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