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Certified Stock Market Frauds Professional (CSMFP)

Certified Stock Market Frauds Professional is the global certification in the capital market domain. This is one of the latest offerings on the block which addresses the issues of Insider trading and the crackdown on shell companies. This is one of the exhaustive certification course which offers the aspirants insights into the Indian stock markets and the way these markets are manipulated. 

The manual for certified forensic accounting professionals classified the stock frauds into various different types.This manual is available for the members looking to complete the certification in forensic accounting from Indiaforensic. Actions of the Securities Exchange Board of India on the various stock market participants are also explained and classified under this program. This manual is one of the most exhaustive study material on the subject of stock market frauds in India, though it covers cases across the globe. Certified Forensic Accounting Professional with Stock Market Fraud specialization course covers the topics like Classification of the Capital Market Frauds, Insider Trading, IPO scams, Capital Market Frauds by the promoters etc. Some of the most read topics on the Stock Market frauds are as follows

The Flying Companies 

In the last decade of nineteenth century IPO was the buzzword of the stock markets. Investors were lured due to the hefty returns on the listings. It was the IPO boom. There were however no stringent norms for the companies to come out with an IPO.

Brokerage Misguidance

Though brokerage firms in India do these kind of misguidance to its investors very frequently but are never proved to be misleading advise however in USA they are frequently brought into the courtrooms. Most of the brokerage firms are involved in some of the controversies JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley or Credit Suisse are no exceptions. We have compiled the manipulations done by most of these brokerage firms

Technology Frauds

Technology has entered in almost every area of our life and the Stock Market operations are no exception to that. Stock markets have become more susceptible to the frauds perpetrated by using or manipulating the technology.

Market manipulations

Twice in the history of the stock markets in India single person succeeded in Manipulating the share prices on large scale. Ketan Parekh and Harshad Mehta get the dubious distinction of being the Stock Market Fraudsters.

Broker Fraud in Banglore: A broker cheated his clients when the shares were compulsorily D-materialized.

Certified Stock Market Frauds Professional

In the wake of the above frauds, Indiaforensic has launched a course on the stock market frauds. This course is a part of the Certified Forensic Accounting Professional course and is managed by the Riskpro.

Certified Stock Market Fraud Professional is the specialisation of Forensic Accounting certifications customised by Riskpro. Typically,the Certified Stock Market Frauds professional is a arbitrator, investor, broker, trader, regulator or a merchant banker or any investment professional or Information Technology consultant who has undergone training to become an expert in the stock market frauds domain, forensic auditing related to financial and capital market sector, litigation support and investigative accounting.

For details on stock market frauds course please get in touch with the course co-ordinator on +91-9766594401


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