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 Overview of CBFA

In India Forensic Accounting is still in nascent stage and it becomes very difficult to find and retain the forensic accounting resources in India. Bank Forensic Accounting is an endeavor to meet the growing demand of the forensic accountants in the country. As a first step towards this initiative "Indiaforensic - Pioneers of forensic accounting education in India" has forayed into Bank Forensic Accounting. The primary reason for choosing banking sector is very simple. India have witnessed many frauds like Harshad Mehta, Ketan Parekh driven stock market frauds, CRB driven NBFC fraud and Home trade driven rogue trading fraud. In all of these major frauds banks were the ultimate victims.

For an unknown reason the banks are hesitant to appoint the external parties for preventing, detecting and investigating the frauds. They believe more in their internal audit teams for investigation of the frauds. Though this may be the subject of criticism we respect the decision of the bankers and in order to equip the vigilance departments of the Nationalized and Co-operative banks we have launched this course on Bank Forensic Accounting which is probably the first of its own kind. 

Co-operative bank failures have led to a growing awareness of the need for accounting and finance professionals to acquire skills to identify and act upon indicators of poor corporate governance, mismanagement, fraud and other unethical behavior.
accounting and finance education focused on transactions and how they were recorded and interpreted. It is now necessary to identify the underlying characteristics of these transactions, including potentially unethical or fraudulent behavior.

The Certification in Bank Forensic Accounting builds on the skills acquired in the Graduate Certificate by introducing a global/international focus and specialized areas including banking, police, transnational fraud, financial terrorism and eCommerce.

On completion of the course students will gain the forensic skills to:

  • Identify indicators of fraudulent activities

  • Undertake forensic analysis and assessment of risk factors

  • Predict/anticipate fraud

Analytical skills will involve:

  • Investigative methods

  • Analysis of financial information

  • Systems methodology for investigation

  • Statistical techniques


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