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The Flying Companies


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India has witnessed many frauds in the past decade. The flying company scam or the IPO bubble in the mid nineties exposed the half baked nature of reforms of  Indian Economy. The Indiaforensic team has gathered a lot of information on the corporate frauds and is arranged in a synchronized manner for the website visitors.

Frauds in Non Banking Finance Companies Sector: Chainrup Bhansali is credited with the frauds in this sector. He used very innovative products to attract the depositors to his non-banking finance company.

Plantation boom in 1990's Somebody promise that growing plants is the shortest way to create the wealth. Investors are taken for the ride in Plantation Fraud.

Western Paques Nandan Gadgil who gave his investor the dream of making his company bigger than HDFC suddenly disappeared from the Indian Bourses. All his companies defaulted to a great extent.

The Fraud in Shoes

Dead Car Plant 


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