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Occupational Frauds and Money Laundering

Mayur S. Joshi

Fraud is the traditional phenomenon on the corporate horizons. Enron and Worldcom are the American victims of the Frauds but corporate India is no exception as well. Though there are frequent reports about the frauds there are very few references available in India that classifies the fraud schemes. Classification is important in order to understand how the frauds take place.


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Author: Mayur Joshi       

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Publisher: Snow-White Publishers Pvt.Ltd.

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The features of the Book on the Frauds

  • Classification of Occupational fraud schemes in 4 categories and 100 schemes

  • Every scheme is explained with an Example

  • Detailed discussions about Cheque frauds and Forgery

  • Short notes on Money Laundering

  • Real Life case studies such as Ketan Parekh, Telgi, Bhutto

  • Money Laundering Explained with reference to stock exchange operations

This book would be India's one of the foremost efforts that exclusively discuss the live fraud case studies in Indian scenario. Approximately 150 case studies are covered by this book. The author also comments upon the Money Laundering schemes followed in the Indian subcontinent

In India we find the books dedicated to the Banking frauds but there are very few collections of the corporate frauds. As per the surveys made by the Fraud Examiners the damage caused by the Frauds is approximately 6% of the revenues. This is a huge sum if converted into rupees term .The companies are all the times exposed to the Occupational Frauds if there exist simple loopholes in the internal control system.

Here are some cases which are discussed in the book on occupational frauds and money Laundering and are also frequently observed in the Indian scenario.

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