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[01.06.2005 - 15:02 p.m.] AIG Fudges the Accounts: One more restatement of accounts by the US corporate giant.

Organised BPO scam in Pune : The incidence was shocking for the India's BPO Industry when first time it was disclosed that Mphasis BPO employees and Ex-employees played a mischief with the Citi Bank customers in US and played a big fraud.They defrauded the US clients to the tune of $ 300,000. Some of them used the proceeds of fraud This is a second instance after the less known incidence at Wipro Spectramind.

Credit card Fraud By a NRI in USA Credit card scams are growing with a tremendous speed. Involvement of the persons of Indian origin is also rising ? What does it indicate exactly ?

Modus operandi of Housing Loan Scams Law enforcement officers are becoming helpless because of the sophistication of the bank frauds and the fraudsters.The Fraudsters take the advantage of the loopholes in the system of granting the loans against the real estate properties.Here is one more procedure.






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