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Syllabus for CFAP

Forensic Accounting is becoming important in India in the wake of the perpetual investment by the foreign countries and ever increasing Sensex which is touching new highs every day. Certified Forensic Accounting Professional program is divided into five broad topics. There are totally 20 chapters which deals in various elements of the forensic accounting in India. This is just the outline of the course syllabus

  • Classification of the Corporate fraud schemes based on the Indian schemes of fraud - Here the fraud schemes are classified on the basis of items in the financial statements.

  • Understanding the red flags of the corporate fraud schemes - Early warning signals in the corporate sector helps to detect the frauds timely.

  • What one should do to prevent the corporate frauds - There are certain ways to prevent the frauds happening in the organisation.

  • How these frauds can be investigated - Number of Investigation techniques are discussed here

  • Which are the tools used in investigating the frauds - The data analysis and data recovery tools used in any forensic investigation.

Newly added topics include the Assurance standard issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and the newly created fraud risk assessment structure for the Chartered Accountants in India. 

This is just the outline of the program on corporate frauds. The syllabus is updated constantly and we keep on adding the new schemes and tools in our Forensic Accounting manual.

For any queries related to the course kindly contact us at education@indiaforensic.com

If you are looking for the resources and the publications on the forensic accounting and fraud investigations you can refer to our partner website.  



If you want to check your knowledge on corporate frauds in India try out the mock exam here

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