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Cyber Frauds in India

What is  Computer Crime ? There is a great deal of talk today about "computer fraud" but there is no such thing as computer fraud. What is usually meant is fraud carried out using a mouse of computer rather than traditional methods of paper and pen. The computer is simply the mechanism for perpetrating the fraud.

Credit card Frauds in India Who says Indian Cyber Crimes are still in the Infancy ? This is a man who penetrated the E-commerce for his personal benefits to a great extent.

ATM Cards penetration in India  ATM card is the useful instrument in the era of computerisation. All the banks are running behind the ATM Networks but are they really aware of the devils of the ATM cards ?

Cyber Extortion: An executive from Gujrat Ambuja Cement Ltd. played a mischief by posing himself as a girl and various other entities and duped the Abu-Dhabi resident for huge sums.

Cyber Stalking This is a new concept that is being born on the Indian Horizons.First case is registered for Cyber stalking but not under the Information Technology Act.

India's First Nigerian 419 Scam: The advance fee fraud which is also termed as the nigerian scam,where the chain letters seeking help are send and the citizens of various nations are conned

Phishing ICICI bank and CITI bank customers are send the unsolicitated e-mails and the sensitive and personal information is collected by simple techniques.

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