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.....But she never came. Neither was there any message from her. Desperate, Corley sought help from the Delhi Police to track her down.

The police realised the American had been cheated when the photo he turned over to them turned out to be that of Aishwarya Rai.

Corley, however, refuses to believe he has been conned by the girl or 'girl', since his email friend could well have been a boy and has, incredibly, wired another $700 to her.

"I still see the eyes in the photo she sent me and relate them to the situation. There is little enough love in this world to be abused, and hearts harden against open caring for each other," Corley told TNN on Friday.

He says that 'Anita' sent him another email after reading the report in The Times of India.

"She said she actually resembled the Indian actress and that's why people are getting confused. Moreover, she said she is flying in to meet me," says Corley.

It's a love story that has nothing to do with cheating, he asserts, adding that she asked for another $700, apart from the $1,400 that he had already sent.

Corley says he lost no time in meeting her latest request. "Western Union in Delhi has had three fund transfers of $700 each from me to her.

When somebody told me that it could be a cheat, I thought I was out of a dream come true with a very beautiful, artistic and spiritual Indian woman."

But Corley refuses to let the dream die. And his heart still beats for her.
"Nothing has happened to me but that I have fallen in love with a beautiful example of India. I had just sent her money for a flight to visit me and feared that she might have been mugged on her way to purchasing the ticket," says Corley.

He is still enchanted by this "Indian woman, the first that I have ever been blessed to know." And he will not allow anyone to slight her.

"I lost touch with her for a few days, was heart broken, fearing the worst after reading the warnings to travellers posted about New Delhi on Internet. I know very little about her other than what she has written to me in poems and that my heart is joined with hers," he says.

Love conquers all, even nibbling doubts.

 Source: Times of India 7.11.2003

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