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Work at Home scams Exposed

Cyber Crime Cell of Crime Branch, C.I.D., Mumbai Police have arrested a person by name Sripathi Guruprasanna Raj, aged 52 yrs who is the Chairman and Managing Director of Sohonet India Private Ltd., a company based in Chennai. Many complainants based in Mumbai had complained to the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell, that the said company has duped them each for Rs. 4,000/- and Rs. 6,000/- by promising them with monthly income of Rs. 15,000/-.


The said company through its website having URL www.sohonetindia.com and through various attractive advertisements in the news papers as well as by holding seminars in five star hotels, in various metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore etc. had lured the various computer literate people with attractive schemes named Instant Treasure Pack (ITP) and Green Channel The company then asked the interested people to register with their company for which they charged the registration fess Rs. 4,000/- which was later increased to Rs. 6,000/-. The company CMD, Mr. Raj promised the people so registered that they would be provided with the data conversion job which would enable them to earn Rs. 15,000/- per month. The company then collected huge amount from the gullible computer users. Some of the users were provided with the job work whereas others were not even provided the job work (data conversion job) assured to them. 

The people who were provided with the job work, did work day and night on their computers to complete the job work within the stipulated time period and submitted the job work to the said company. But even after repeated correspondence with the company, they were not paid the money by Sohonet company. The total number of persons who have been duped by the Sohonet is about 18,000 and are located at various places in the country, whereas the company has paid only to about 1200 people for the work they have done for the company whereas others were either not provided with the work or were not paid for the work. By this way Sohonet amassed a huge amount which may run into couple of crores.  A complaint was filed at Kalachowky Police Station vide C.R. No. 151/2003 u/sec 406, 420 r/w 120(b) IPC and office of Sohonet India Pvt. Ltd. located at Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai, Maylapore, Chennai was raided. The accused Sripathi Guruprasanna Raj, who is the CMD of the company was arrested by the team of officers comprising P.I. Chinchalkar, A.P.I.Mohite, Police Constables Rane and Ghadigaokar and is ramanded to police custody till 10.02.2004

Innocent people who are victimized by Sohonet India Pvt. Ltd. are requested to come forward with their complaints at the office of Cyber Crime Investigation Cell of Crime Branch, C.I.D.,Mumbai (Contact Numbers : 22630829, 22641261, Contact Person A.P.I. Ramesh Mohite).

The investigation of this case was carried out under the able guidance of Dr. Satya Pal Singh, Jt.C.P. (Crime) and Dr. Pradnya Saravade, D.C.P.(Enforcement) by A.P.I. Mohite



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