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Indiaforensic Research Foundation circulates the information on Forensic Accounting through its Yahoo ! Groups and the Bi-monthly journal of Forensic Accounting WhiteCrimes.




Fraud News

Book on Frauds
Bank Fraud Resources
Cyber Fraud Resources
BPO Frauds
Stock Frauds

Professional Education                                          

We provide our community members with the high class professional education of forensic accounting. Currently we offer the course on Forensic Accounting in Banks in Association with the Vaikunth Mehta National Institute of Co-operative management. This is the first course on Bank Frauds any where in the world.

Free Advisory Services

We provide advisory services to the members of our Yahoo ! Group at no cost. Experts from various fields come and offer guidance to the professional colleagues and the victim of frauds at absolutely no charge.

Like minded associations

Indiaforensic Research Foundation is a not for profit organisation but we support all the organisations who provide information in some or the otherways related to the forensic accounting.

Forensic Accounting Blog

Our website is the virtual card of Indiaforensic Research Foundation.There are somethings that we also discuss on our official blogs.



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